The Philippines is one of the countries in the world and Southeast Asia that a lot of travellers find time to stop by if possible. This country is a tropical country and the people are very hospitable and warm towards travellers who go to their country. So why do travellers love the Filipino Culture and travel back to the Philippines over and over again? Here are some reasons why.

Since the Filipinos are very hospitable, travellers who go to the country are very well accommodated. Visitors will always have first priority when it comes to service and they will have prime of it. Also the colorful culture of the Filipinos is certainly something to take heart since it is very unique. Also the people always smile even though they are having bad times. They still have time to smile to visitors who would visit them. Celebrations are a blast too since their fiestas is always so extravagant and the beers they have are quite excellent to drink.

There are many places to visit in the Philippines too. So many tourist spots to visit and so much nature to breathe in. You will certainly be in love bathing at their beaches and hiking at mountains which are a bit of a challenge. If you like the peace and quiet then there are certainly many places in the Philippines you can visit. Mixed with good Filipino culture, your travel to the Philippines will certainly be a blast.

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When travelling to the Philippines, you can experience some unique Filipino culture where you may not find elsewhere. On the streets, you may find people, especially some children staring at you, although this may not happen in the urban areas. People are generally welcoming though, and you will see adults and children extending their greetings, or saying Hi and Hello. The Filipino nature is generally warm though, and this is usually extended to foreigners and other guests of this country. The Filipino hospitality is widely known, and this is even extended by Filipinos residing in other countries, when they have guests coming to their residences.

The warmth of the Filipinos can be seen in their laughter, and this is even during times of distress or disasters. You will often see Filipinos laughing at their misfortunes, or even after calamities. You will see this in the television networks after destructive typhoons hit their areas, and they can still laugh despite what happened to them. This is often seen as the resiliency of the Filipinos, or they are just used to being in distress in most of their lives.

For tourists and travelers, Filipinos are the very hospitable hosts, and when you get invited to their houses, they will ask you to help yourself with anything they have on the table. They will appreciate it very much if you partake with all the food offered on the table. It is also noteworthy observing that time can be very flexible to Filipinos, although this is not with everybody, especially with the professionals and those in business.

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Travelling in the Philippines can be a great experience to first time visitors in the country as much as it is always a great one for those who keep coming back. Tourists and other visitor travelers can also feel at home in this country because almost everybody wears Western clothes and also can speak English. For those who cannot speak English fluently, travelers will still find it useful because people can still understand it. Filipinos are very approachable people and they are helpful to anybody needing help, especially foreigners. This is Filipino culture deeply embedded in every native Filipino, and also one they are proud of.

Filipino culture is one with a good sense of propriety and good behavior, and travelers will observe people greeting them everywhere, and even the children. They can also be outgoing, that foreigners and other tourists will experience talking to them pleasantly, although there are also many others who are shy. Travel in the Philippines can be great, with tourists finding many of these tourist destinations they will ultimately find very interesting. There are many beautiful fine white sand beaches and also some surfing destinations in the southern part of the country.

Women tourists and travelers will find it great in the country even when travelling alone. Women are treated with great respect here, although it is also not advisable to travel to the most southern part of the country. Women in two piece swim wear attire are welcome in the beach resorts but may not find it quite easy walking around in other areas. The place is still a conservative country and they may experience to be stared at in these places.

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Many have traveled back and forth to many countries in the world to enjoy the new sights and feel the strange culture that they give. Some have enjoyed it while some only want to experience it only once. Some even lived in that country their whole lives because they enjoyed the culture so much. This is what the Philippines can offer to you which would be the best culture and sights that you can enjoy for the rest of your lives. Here are the reasons why you should enjoy Filipino culture and travel to the country if needed be.


The Philippines is the place to be when you want to see some great sights. There are a lot of places to be when you are in the Philippines and you will not regret ever travelling to such places. You can enjoy all sorts of pleasures in these sights like beach bathing, swimming pools, great bars, videoke and many more. Clearly this is the place to be whether you want it loud or you just want to have a peace of mind.


Another reason is the hospitality of the people. Filipinos are very hospitable people and they will help strangers who are in need of their help. Those who visit Filipino homes will always get the best treatment from them and will always have a grand time because that is just how Filipinos are. The events that Filipinos have are always grand too and you should enjoy them while you are visiting the country.

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The first thing that any foreigner should know about the Filipino culture is that the Filipinos are not the ones to make the first move in greeting. For Filipinos, a hi or hello and a wave or simply a smile can go a long way to foster good relations and camaraderie. Being a foreigner and different from them, they expect you to make the first move though.

They would also find it very respectful and honorable for any foreigner to say thank you or salamat po in their language. Filipinos also find it necessary for foreigners to apologize or to excuse himself once he aggravates a person or maybe just a mere suspicion. Either way, you would have to say excuse me all the time all of this apologizing always gives dryness in the eyes which makes them red.

Thoughtfulness is something that Filipinos have in common and they also want to see this in foreigners. That is why when you meet with a guy for the first time for instance in a business meeting or something they would appreciate it much if you bring with you a pack of cigars or a bottle of wine. Women would love to be greeted on their birthday or anniversary or whatever they may be celebrating.

Filipinos are far laid back than the westerners. That is why when they speak with you they often pause and think before they do. They are not used to the fast paced life and would like to take their time almost always. When you are meeting a Filipino business associate for the first time, make sure that you have something to while away the time.

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Philippines is not only a home to picturesque beaches, undiscovered spots, mouth-watering cuisines but to beautiful ladies of the archipelago too. Commonly called Filipinas, these beautiful ladies born and residing in the different parts of the Philippines are also considered as one of the celebrated treasures of the country. They are also one of the great reasons why it’s believed to be more fun in the Philippines. Ladies in some other countries may be taller, whiter and more modern than average Filipinas but mind you these girls have their own outstanding qualities too. This article will help you know a Filipina by heart as a lot of revelation about the latter will be provided to readers like you.

For a start, Filipina girls or women are shorter than other girls from other girls on the other sides of the world. However, this native woman from the Philippine archipelago is known for her stunning beauty inside and out. When it comes to physical attributes, a Filipina is average in height, has a fair complexion, more like a light brown tone of skin, expressive eyes, black hair and slim figures. Although not all of these attributes are present with ninety-nine percent of Filipina population but surely each has one or two of these physical qualities. Because of these qualities, Filipinas are usually part of the runner ups or winners of beauty pageants held in different countries. A Filipina is also known for her sweetness. She can speak her mind without offending others. Most of all, the sweetness of one is oftentimes shown during family gatherings or occasions when loved ones are present.

Filipina girls are also known for their thoughtfulness as they tend to remember special occasions and other significant days. Another interesting thing that one should know about a native girl of the Philippines is that she is conservative in all aspects, even in the expression of love. She is sweet but often times very reserved when it comes to romantic expression. Obviously it is because of the strict and conservative upbringing of parents. If you plan to pursue one, you have to understand that a Filipina gives much importance to their parent’s opinion. So before winning her heart, you have to win her parents’ heart first. But mind you, everything will be worth it once you get her final yes. One would find it hard to believe but Filipina girls are especially helpful in taking care of their spouse. This brings to mind a beautiful story of a caring girl that took great pains in relieving her husbands pressure behind his right eye, incorporating daily relaxation techniques to help in his pains. A Filipina girl is proven to be very loyal to their partners. She tends to keep what she promised in front of God and her beloved people around. Surely, loyalty is very important aside from the love any girl could give you.

There are so many good reasons why one should get to know a Filipina by heart. Surely, a Filipina woman makes an excellent wife. If you are lucky enough to be married to one, take time to know her more. Discover more things about what she likes and dislikes. Remember that this wonderful girl you have around is smart and has her own disposition. You may just lose her in a blink if you failed to become the right partner she expects you to be.

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Philippines has many cultures as elders in the past have different types of beliefs in so many things. Marriage in the archipelago is one of the traditions that have its own set of culture. Marriage in the Philippines for one is very sacred. Unlike other countries and states in the United States, Philippines gives much importance to this sacrament. Marriage means a forever union of two people. So as a Filipina or an individual of Philippine extraction, or someone that is planning to be married with a native, you have to make sure that you fully understand the marriage culture of the Filipinos. This article will walk you through with some interesting and very meaningful tradition and culture of Filipino weddings.

As mentioned, Filipino marriage is very particular when it comes to marriage. For most people who grew on this side of the world, marriage is not something that happens overnight. A lot of people believe that marriage is holy and for a life time. So for someone to live this belief by heart, he or she must know first some Filipino marriage cultures. One of the first cultures observed for marriage is the so called “pamamanhikan”. If you are not sure of what is the definition of the latter, then keep on reading. Pamamanhikan is the time when the family of the groom brings some food to the bride’s house and meets with the whole family. This is an awkward time for the couple as they will hear both parents discussing about expectations, future plans and stability. Budget will be the first thing that these two parties will discuss since part of Filipino culture is to let the groom’s side shoulder all the expenses. But there are also times where family of the bride insists to pay the other half or even a small portion of the whole expenses.

When it comes to the outfit, brides are supposed to wear white dresses with awesome designs. Groom on the other hand will use a Barong Tagalog to feel the Filipino weather.  People invited to the wedding ceremony get to enjoy roasted pig, beer and so much more. Some are also spending so much on the reception or after parties to cater to the needs and wants of the guests. Before going to the reception, it’s right to know the answers to why there are rituals of the cord, candles, coins, and veil. The veil will be pinned on both ends just to make the couple one. While the cord will be draped around the shoulders in a form of number eight just to attract more luck. Coins are more on luck and how the groom will provide for the family of his future wife. Marriage culture in the Philippines became so much different from others because of its festivity. People invited to the wedding ceremony get to enjoy music, dancing and sharing. Some also spend so much on the reception or after parties catering to the needs and wants of the guests. As I’m was writing about our marriage culture I was struck at how much people spend on weddings and wedding websites one example is in Los Angeles a Web Design company was known to quote several thousand dollars on a custom web application for guests to video conference and share images shot at the wedding. I’m sure some wealthy filipinos would think this is a great digital investment, especially for a marriage event.

Now that you know the marriage culture of the Filipinos, surely you have an idea of what to do and what is not right to do after reading this article. Good luck on your marriage and union with the love of your life.

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Music is something that creates different kinds of feelings. It awakens multiple emotions and a tune that complements everything. All parts of the world enjoy the benefits of music. Each has its own style, rhythm and theme. Philippines, like other places in the whole wide world have its own original music. Any piece of work, combined with tempo, beat and words created by individuals of Philippine extraction is categorized as one of the original Pilipino music or commonly called as OPM. This type of music is usually created using English, tagalong or combination of both languages and sang by Filipino musicians.

Filipinos are born creative that is why they are so many impressive compositions turned into popular hits. Artists are getting their inspirations and ideas with the natural resources around the whole archipelago, the historic culture and style, the beauty of Filipino people and so many interesting things about Philippines. The lyrics of these original Pilipino Music are either tagalog and English or in Taglish. Though artists used foreign language like English and not pure tagalog as long as the theme and idea plus the composer is more like Filipino, this type of music will still be categorized as an original Pilipino music. There are different genres involved in OPM, there is ballad, pinoy rock, jazz and alternative. People are known to be very romantic thus a lot of OPM songs are ballads.

Ballad is something slow and more like a lullaby to the ears. It gives you a very relaxing feeling and will make you fall into sleep and worst, fall in love.OPM  Love songs created by Filipino artists like Sharon Cuneta, Ryan Cayabyab, Martin Nievera, Kuh Ledesma and other significant people of the industry are usually sang during memorable events like weddings, courtships and romantic celebration of love and affection. The evolution of original Pilipino music gives birth to Pinoy rock, jazz and alternative.

Now people who are into bands and loud noises of drums and other instruments can enjoy this type of music. Since the discovery of bands, people can now do the head bang, wear their tattered pants and dance with the beat of pinoy rock music. Truly, the evolution of original Pilipino music from mere ballad, slow moving pieces to fast beats and rock backgrounds brought more choices and options for people of the Philippines. As mentioned, Filipinos are designed to be very creative individuals and these creativities are often seen on their OPM creations and combinations.

Despite of the popularity of modern songs from different countries, Original Pilipino music is still making its name in the music industry in the Philippines. The many options to choose from encourage more and more people to take part and be interested of their own type of music. The choices from ballads of Christian Bautista and Erik Santos to the loud screams of Kamikazee and Parokya ni Edgar invite more music lovers to keep on listening. Original Pilipino music may seem ordinary but surely the message it conveys to listeners are great and unforgettable.

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Filipinos have become quite popular lately in the world, thanks to people like Charice, Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao, Nonito Donaire Jr., and many other names whose Filipino heritage have been emboldened and showed to the world through their many achievements and awards.

Of course, these people are not the complete embodiment of the Filipino culture as they are only one out of millions of people living in the archipelago. Despite being colonized by three successive Empires (Spanish, American and Japanese), the Filipinos have retained  their own culture and traditional practices up to this day. Filipinos are generally a friendly people, but it would not hurt to be able to know a bit about their culture especially if you are planning to stay in the country for a holiday.

Here are a few things that people need to know about Filipinos.

Filipinos are Hospitable

If there is one defining trait of the Filipino culture, it would be hospitality. Yes, Filipinos are really hospitable towards visitors, especially tourists. In fact, the country has a lot of foreigners coming in and out of the country, with more even choosing to settle down in this tropical Asian country. Filipinos will generally treat foreigners with a lot of friendliness, and some would even go out of their way to help a foreigner who’s lost and need assistance. As long as you reciprocate friendliness, Filipinos will always be hospitable and friendly to you and your fellow tourists.

Filipinos Are Deeply Religious

The Filipinos have been subservient to the Spanish Empire for over 300 years, and thus a deeply Catholic culture has been embedded into the local culture. This means that Filipinos are predominantly Catholic and profess a deep faith in their religions. Even the other denominations are known for their members’ steadfast dedication to their faith. Because it is a predominantly Catholic country, the nation still celebrates town fiestas in honor of saints of the Catholic faith the same way Spain and its former colonies in the Central America do. In fact, the Filipino people retains a lot of cultural similarity with the Latin countriesin Central America because of the last influence life under Spain has left to these nations. I once had meet a Catholic man with slight arc in his lower back turns out that it was scoliosis, he would pray everyday regardless of the pain that it brought.

Filipinos Love Drinking

When you go to the Philippines, you’ll find that most Filipinos are avid alcohol drinkers! Drinking, in the Filipino culture, is a way of building friendship and camaraderie. If there are occasions to be celebrated, from a simple birthday to a large town or barangay fiesta, you could be sure that the people in the place would really drink to their heart’s content. Filipinos will still drink even if there is no occasion, whether it’s for catching up or just to while the time away in a lazy weekend.

Filipinos are an amazing people, but you would not know about how amazing this Southeast Asian country is without experiencing it for yourself. As they say, experience is the best teacher and immersing yourself in Filipino culture is the best method through which you could learn more about the average Filipino.

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Filipino Street Foods

25 Oct 2012

Every country has its own delicacies or a set of delicacies. The Philippines is not an exception and, just like any country in the world, the Filipinos also have a set of street foods that they can boast of to tourists that come along their shores and land. There are many typical Filipino street foods that you can find in the country and, if you’re one whose interest in the country is of gastronomical nature, then you could try out some of these Filipino delicacies.. straight off the street.

Here are some of the more popular Filipino street foods that you could find in any busy street in the Philippine Islands.

  • Banana Cue

There are so many ways that you could cook banana, and Filipinos do it their own way. Banana Cue is a portmanteau of the words “banana” and “barbecue.” At first glance, it would like a piece or two pieces of bananas barbecued because they are skewered with a thick stick. However, they are not grilled but rather are simply dipped and cooked in caramelized brown sugar. This is a definitely sweet treat for those with a sweet tooth! They should be eaten fresh from the pan with only a few moments given to cool off, but they could be eaten anytime without harm. Once I had several helpings of the banana and there was pain coming in from my left side of my body that continued for weeks. So please listen to yourself and don’t over eat!

  • Kwek-kwek and tokneneng

These two egg-based street foods have become quite popular lately. To prepare these two delicacies, eggs – either chicken or quail egg – are rolled in a batter that is mixed in some way with flour and other ingredients to take on a distinctive orange color. The eggs are then fried until the batter that forms its outer skin becomes crispy. These are best eaten with tempura, another popular Filipino street food! Tokneneng is the name given to chicken eggs while kwek-kwek is used to refer to the smaller quail eggs.

  • Pork Barbecue

Pork barbecue is definitely a common fixture in any Filipino street food stall. The term barbecue in Filipino parlance means grilled meat, etiher pork or chicken, skewered in a stick like the banana cue above. There are a lot of places within the country where you can find barbecue stalls operating side by side, complete with barkers standing in front calling on each and every visitor to come and eat.

  • Balut

Of course, any discussion about Filipino street food will never be complete without including balut in the conversation. Balut is quite popular amongst the locals, especially men who go out drinking late at night. It is basically just duck egg that has been boiled, and is offered in a variety of numbers: 14, 16, 18 and 21. These are actually the ages of the egg and the chick inside before it was taken and boiled. Balut provides a good challenge both for tourists and locals alike. Cutting all this food and preparing it for a large family gathering I ended up with hand issues that were solved by visitng this site.

Of course, these are just some of the delicacies and street foods that you could encounter while in the Philippines. The country has actually a lot more to offer, but they all would not fit into a very short article. It’s best to experience them all for yourself!

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